My Many Selves

Here we go, time for … routine? Oh is it a routine ships running episode? Those don’t usually happen until season three or four. I’m sure it will be fine.

A Party? In Starfleet?

They’re playing….music. And it’s not classical music? It’s….hip hop?

Ok, instantaneous spore drive systems undermining all of warp drive science is one thing but…hip hop?

No I’m kidding it’s fantastic, so fantastic.

It’s always been so bizarre and clinical that previous shows have hardly ever had music and if they did it was only classical or jazz. It was supposed to be a high class future, a civilized future and of course a white future. The idea that future people might actually listen to fun music and it might sounds like ours has never come up. Well, here we are.

Oh an Tilly’s drunk and adorable.

Mud’s Back…on no.

He’s got time travel, people aren’t going to like that. I love it of course. It’s never as classy as an emergency temporal shift but it’s always fun.

I was a bit dissapointed the time loop got noticed so quickly but they played it so well. It was a long and complicated timeloop, a puzzle to work out, always the best way to do it.