Scowlathon Finals

Final Round of the Great Galactic Scowlathon

It’s been a long road…

…getting from…


Thank you for your patience my wonderful customers, I was unavoidably delayed. Can you believe the Breen were holding me hostage on trumped up charges of smuggling Andorian Rye Wine through the badlands?

Me! Outrageous.

Anyways…the wait is over, the final stage of The Great Galactic Scowlathon is here!

As I predicted in the Semifinals Update Kira did in fact trounce Data and in fact almost got more vote total than the Chief and Garek combined in their own competition. But Garek came out on top, which is how he prefers it of course…and now he has to face the Kernel himself. I make no predictions, but I will take bets on both sides of course.

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