Heaven Sent / Hell Bent

Since I watch via iTunes I don’t get to watch Dr. Who when the rest of the internet does. This means I need to avoid much of the internet. I usually go mostly write-only on Twitter during these periods. So here are my reactions as I watch the episodes. I expect by the end of the of the post I’ll realize what an idiot I was at the beginning of it. It goes without saying, if you haven’t watched the episodes…spoilers.

After making me burst into tears twice my first reaction after finishing this season’s penultimate episode ‘Heaven Sent’ was

And my second reaction was, stop the teaser trailer for the finale episode and close my twitter feed because we’re moving into the unknown here. So as a compromise I’m planning to by my thoughts here over the week while l’m in self-induced data exile.Then I’ll publish it all after the finale comes out, did come out, will come out.

It was a fantastic story, maybe one of the best ever. lt is the perfect meditation for the Doctor and the audience on last week’s death of Clara.The first moment I cried was when we saw Clara’sface. It was the Doctor’s internalized version Clara in his head, so it’s allowed. But throughout the whole episode we see glimpses of Clarafrom behind, at the chalkboard. It looked a lot like her but since she always had her back to the camera I assumed it was just a stand-in because Jenna Coleman had left theshow. Then at the moment he needs it most Clara-in-his-head steps into the light and tells him to find a way to win. It was perfect.

I don’t know if he’ll see Jenna again in a new scene again this season, but that was a great way to honour the character who got so deep into the Doctor’s head that she ended up giving up her own life doing exactly what he would have done.

So when did you figure out why he was punching the wall? Sadly, I didn’t due in until after 2 billion years. surely this is long enough m I thought. Maybe there would be some cut off at a million where he’d do something different. But it just kept going, the events the was repeating acting like notes in a peace of music being mixed and reedited over and over.Then I realized there was a reason, the diamond wall wasn’t resetting, he was digging a tunnel through it.

when he stepped out into that orange sky and talked to the scruffy kid pulled straight from the 50th Anniversary show I knew it could only be one place. But my brain couldn’t process it. In Doctor, on Gallifrey. They were really going to do it. It’s the and of an age in Who, and the beginning. May Davros have mercy on our souls (not bloody likely).

l had thought about the confession dial at some point but I didn’t really think what it would mean to be inside it. The confession dial doesn’t contain his seats, it extracts them from him So, why did he want to give it to Missy when he thought he’d die?

It’s been a week since Hell Bent, the season finale, came out. I’ve got it on iTunes but haven’t been able to watch it yet. Finally, now I will begin.

The Diner

Alright, love the Doctor in a pickup truck, was he driving with the guitar slung over his shoulder? Of course he was.

Nerd trivia question: When was the last time the Doctor drove an automobile? Tanks don’t count.Great Davros, Clara in a blue diner dress. I’m assuming she’s a shard. Couldn’t he keep visiting shards of her forever to keep his spirits up? If he visits one of Ok, it’s definitely the same shed from his childhood. Her shards does that mean his life needs saving? Now if I don’t get a

“Run you clever boy, and remember me.”then I’m going to be very dissapointed. Oh, and is this the diner, it sure looks familiar.

Ahem… Boooweeeooooooo!

A Shed! The Shed?

Is it the same one? Are there multiple sheds on Gallifrey? Is that the same shed, by the way, where he was scared of what was under his bed as a little boy? Where’s the TARDIS?

The Citadel

Ok, I’m not sure I can deal with this. How did the sisterhood of Karn get out of the time lock? Cloister bells! Cloister Wraiths? Is that an existing thing? This post is really becoming a series of research questions for me now, feel free to answer any if you know which old season of the 4th Doctor I’ll need to watch to figure out what the hell is going on. *(I love this) *Oh, and it’s definitely the same shed from his childhood.

The Woman and the Shed

Did you hear it? The 10th Doctor’s theme? Oh yes.

Oh, he dropped his spoon, serious.

If he scratches No More with his foot I’ll go crazy.

Where is Rassilon? Is that old guy Rassilon? Can’t be.

Oh, he is. An he is banish-ed.

The Matrix / The Hybrid

I love they’re using the Matrix.

And then so much stuff happened…

I mean really a lot of stuff. Does that wrap everything up then? Is this just a set up for an awesome set of Big Finish audio plays? I mean I’d buy the hell out of the Clara/Ahildr Adventures. But, what?


I need to ponder on this. I’ll be back later.

More Thoughts

A great review here with some good background:

Only after reading this did I clue in to what he meant by “The Hybrid is me.” at the end of Heaven Sent. He was talking about Ashildr. Fantastic. Also, tieing up Missy’s motivation for linking Clara with the Doctor is great, it was one of the last strings left in her character. I still think they should explain Clara’s Grandmother’s story about the pier in the rain, but maybe not.


I was not dissapointed…