Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 5

Where’s you’re TAAAAARDIS?

“Let’s take it from the top. I’m the Doctor. I’m a traveller in Space and Time. And that…is my ship. It’s called the TARDIS: Time and Relative Dimension in Space. You’re gonna love it.” – The Ruth-Doctor to the Doctor

So if I remember correctly, the first time the explanation for the meaning of TARDIS was explained by the Doctor’s grandaughter in the first episode in ‘69. It sounds like she actually came up with the phrase. Perhaps that is no longer cannon, the word has been used by other time lords for a long time and if the Ruth-Doctor is from before our Doctor, then that definition must be older than Hartnell’s Doctor.

That’s all good news, but do you know what the best news was? The ?*absolute best**?

Weh gawt u’sum Propaah Galifraayayns!

Galifreyan commanders, hunting down rogue Timelords and talking about Abominations against Time…oh yah. That’s some retro DW going on. Something we’ve never really had in new-Who, not evah!

I’m Looking forward to this.