Picard Season 1 Episode 1

Did I like it?

I liked it, but what else is new? I like everything.

But that’s not really true, there’s a lot of things I don’t like on tv. First off, shows without spaceships. Second, shows set only in the present, yawn. Third, and I can’t stree this enough, there needs to be hope.

There needs to be a vision that things can get better, that some things are worth fighting for and that cyniscm and greed don’t always win.

This is the essence of Star Trek.

Some people are unhappy with Picard for some of the same of the same reasons they are unhappy with Discovery“It’s so bleak.”

Sure the world is bleaker and darker than the end of TNG. But at least Picard is fighting for hope and compassion. Trek always reflects the times with the ideal of how to get to a better future. Maybe nwobthisnis whatbwe need.