Last Christmas

I just finished watching the 2015 Doctor Who Christmas special “Last Christmas” and I quite enjoyed it. I’m going to talk about it not so you know…spoilahs.

Things I’m Happy About

It was Santa, with cheeky elves and the Doctor. Fantastic. It was worth it for that shot of Santa riding Rudolph in and sauntering in to save the day. Lots of fun.

The biggest thing I’m happy about is that Santa didn’t turn out to be the Doctor somehow embedding himself into the dream. Gawd that would have hurt, it’s a good trick but one that has been used too often in the past few seasons. I really liked Time Heist despite this but it was a close run thing.

Things I’m Unhappy About

Honestly, the BBC, Stephen Moffat and everyone who makes Doctor Who shouldn’t care less what a single crazy Dalek freezing in Canada is unhappy about in their show. It’s a great show and they should be proud of it.

That being said…I was fundamentally disappointed with the resolution in this episode. It’s not the Danny Pink thing, that was very nice. Clara got a chance to properly say goodbye to her boyfriend and he got to save her one last time without having his face mangled in a Cyberman or talking to her across a cloud out of the Netherspace. It’s a good resolution.

They should have ended it there when she woke up or done something truly original rather than the Clara turns old thing. She just woke up one more time and it was fine. I don’t know what the resolution could have been but something beyond waking up from a third dream and redoing the Inception plot again. Seriously something out there. Maybe a hint about Gallifrey that breaks the dream or something else. It was a chance to be original and it was missed.

More to be updated as I think of it and watch the ‘Extras’ episode.