St. Patrick’s Day on Skaro

Not many people know this, but while St. Patrick is famous for banishing all the snakes from the Emerald Isle on Earth, he also visited Skaro after his death and banished all the Time Lords from our sacred world. This is why he is revered on Skaro by the Church of Patrick of Latter Day Dalekaints.

Anyways, I’m largely Irish myself as all of my human gene infusions come from Irish humans. I also just had a pretty creative set of tweets for St. Patrick’s Day this year so I thought I’d collect them here and add a special bonus for Medium readers only. After a few Guinness I composed this touching, if I do say so myself, Dalek rendition of the classic Human Irish ‘Oh Danny Boy’ as a wistful dream of a Dalek one day defeating He Who We Must Defeat One Day. I hope you like it.

### Dalek Limericks

I thought this was a great idea…Sadly no one took up my call to poetry. So I had to do it myself.

‘Good Morrow’, he thinks he’s so cool doesn’t he? Just a little bit of history for you. As old as stonehenge, so you know we were around at the time. Oh, those were the days…before the universe was rebooted.### An important reminder

### A Lullaby to Sing you to Sleep, You Drunken Dalek Fools

Oh, Clever Boy, the phone, the phone box’ calling,
From glen to glen, the coming stormy sky.
Now River’s gone, and all like Rose are falling,
‘Tis I, ‘Tis I must go and you must die.

But come ye back when River’s a mere shadow,
Or when th’In-tel’g-ence doused the world with snow,
‘Tis I’ll be there in sunshine and in shadow, —
Oh, Clever Boy, Oh Clever Boy, I hate you so!

But when I come, and all the stars are dying,
If ye are dead, as dead ye well may be,
I’ll come and find the place where ye are lying,
And fire a shot to stop the regen’rat’ o’thee.

And ye shall hear, though soft I glide above ye,
And all ye grave shall surer seel-ed be,
For I’ll descend and tell ye’ that I hate thee,
And ye shall sleep without peace for eternity!
Oh, Clever Boy, Oh Clever Boy, I hate you so!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!