Scowlathon Post-game

The Great Galactic Scowlathon Quarter-Final Post Game Analysis

Sixteen of our heroes in a foul mood entered the competition, and now only four remain! You chose Kernel Kira Nerice, Chief Miles O’Brien, Commander Data and Garek*, just Garek. See below for the full results.

Notable results:

  • Kira’s Scowl got off to a strong start and managed to hold on despite a late strong showing from Tuvok’s eyebrow raise. I was dissapointed Tilley’s open mouthed shock didn’t make the cut, but I can accept it.
  • O’Brien’s dismissive guff was meant to be “guffaw” but the text limits cut me off. That didn’t stop the Chief though, he was in a close competition with The Doctor’s furled brow but I guess hologram-human equality still has a ways to go. Or maybe just everybody like the Chief. Riker saying “damn” made a surpisingly strong showing.
  • Jadzia’s sad sigh of judgement made a strong showing, numerically beating the winners of the previous two rounds, but as we got more respondants it became harder to eke out a win. This is especially true when faced with Data tilting his head at you when you say something dumb, which is, you know, a lot by Data’s standards.
  • (*) As of press time, we are still waiting on the results of the fourth round but it looks like Garek’s knowing nod is running away with the show. He already has as many votes numerically as Data, easily beating Janeway’s smirk which performed weaker than I had expected, nothing would wither my confidence more than Captain Janeway being dissapointed in me. Interestingly Worf’s growl and Saru’s click of judgement are neck-and-neck for third place.

See you tomorrow with with the final results and the setup for the semi-finals.