The Great Galactic Scowlathon!

Sixteen contenders from across the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants. Who is most disappointed in you? Who can destroy confidence with a single smirk? Who can defeat their enemies with nothing but infinite disdain, subtly expressed? You decide!

  • Quarterfinals - week of Aug 13
  • Semifinals - Thursday Aug 22-25
  • Finals - after that…

Round 1 of 4, quarterfinals:

  • Kira’s scowl
  • Tuvoks eyebrow raise
  • Troi’s disappointed glare
  • Tilly’s open mouthed shock

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Who’s winning after one day:

Round 2 of 4, quarterfinals:

  • O’Brien’s dismissive guffaw
  • The Doctor’s furled brow
  • Riker saying “damn”
  • Stamets’ hands in the air

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After one day:

Round 3 of 4, quarterfinals:

  • Jadzia’s sad sigh
  • 7’s surprised “I see”
  • Data tilting his head
  • Mudd’s faux shock

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Round 4 of 4, quarterfinals:

  • Garek’s knowing nod
  • Janeway’s smirk
  • Worf’s growl
  • Saru’s click of judgement

Results after day 1:

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